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Rape Culture on College Campus: The SlutWalk Movement

Part 3…“Waking up in Vegas”…as a SLUT…Slut-Walk for Freedom

By Jackie Kurtz



“In my long-lost youth, finding yourself in that acutely embarrassing situation, you fumbled to find your bra down the dusty side of the bed, squiggle into your knickers, hastily threw a dress on inside out and did a walk of shame across the college lawn, hoping it was still early enough not to get spotted. (It wasn’t. Gossips never sleep.) Rape was something violent and never to be forgotten, not something you couldn’t remember…We diminish the pain of every woman who has been raped…the “ooh, i’ve got a terrible hangover, maybe I was raped last night.”” – Allison Pearson, Welsh author and Columnist.

Waking up in a stranger’s bed after a long night of drinking doesn’t always mean you were roofied and screwed by some sex crazed frat boy. Getting drunk, or otherwise removing rational thought, throws responsibility for self preservation upon other people. This burden on others challenges society’s natural proclivity towards competitive self interest.

However, feminists are currently engaged in a fight for the right to get blackout drunk, sleep with a random stranger, and then wake up with a hangover and decide whether or not it was consensual based on a criteria found in a gender studies curriculum.  Actions have consequences…the same could be true in any other real-life situation.  If you drink and drive, you are responsible for your actions. Thus, social encounters, especially those involving intoxicating substances, can and should bear the same gravity of consequence that comes with any real life situation like driving.  


In order to bring awareness to campus “rape culture,” Heather Jarvis and other feminists have organized  SLUT WALKs to demonstrate female empowerment…“We want to take back the word slut,” the co-founder tells Steve Paikin in a panel discussion on The Agenda.  The Slut walkers want to show that consent can not be given under circumstances of intoxication and that just because a woman dresses in a promiscuous manner doesn’t mean she desires a sexual encounter. Gail Dines, the author of “Porn Land”  responded to Heather Jarvis – co founder of the slut walk movement. Dines asks, “where is our responsibility to these younger girls? You talk about owning the word slut…what do you think about the 14 and 15-year-old girl, how is she going to negotiate that?” She asks the Slut Walk leader, “If feminism is going to be worth its name, it has to not be about you…an upper-middle-class white woman who decides to have lots of sex and dress in whatever she likes. You are doing a terrible disservice to young girls.”  The correct advice would be to tell both men and women that they should stay sober enough so that at the very least memories can reasonably determine whether or not rape actually occurred.  

Susannah Breslin, a journalist for Salon.com, “I hear these words and I just hear gender studies majors with nothing to do…sexual assault should be taken seriously, and creating something called a slut walk is absurd and fails generate real change.”

There is a faction of new wave feminists through America’s higher education system that have filled their gender studies curriculum with venomous hatred towards men and a general fear of all things testosterone.  Anita Sarkeesian has petitioned for removing video games that she believes fuels society’s “hatred” of women and binary gender stereotypes.  She has called for separate train cars for women in order to feel safe from all the men who want to grope, gaze upon, or generally interact in any way with women in public. She calls for the same “separate but equal” reality that blacks faced under the thumb of Jim Crow…except now it’s self-segregation and not institutional.

In America, we have affirmative action…equal opportunities exist, but because those opportunities do not always produce equal outcomes, the victim-class harnesses a political voice that begins to shape the national conversation towards producing equal outcomes at the cost of real equality.

Women are asking men to mitigate risk.  As Marissa Semkiw, a journalist for Rebel Media, says “this brand of feminism turns to the patriarchy for protection, while claiming to be empowered. The new wave feminists want to do whatever they want, have sex with whoever they want, and it is all part of social and cultural empowerment that comes with being a victimized woman in 2016.”


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