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Campus Rape Culture: The Media

Part 2…The Victims of Rape Culture…In a Nutshell…Ball-Busting Media Bias

By Jackie Kurtz


Journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely published an article in Rolling Stone that confirmed a general bias toward victim-feminism instead of fact.  Her mission: Give a voice to the invisible victims of campus “rape culture”…a threat as abstract as terrorism during the Bush administration and as insidious in its effect as radical Islam.  Sabrina’s effort brought a wave of feminist support from every leftist regressive.  Chloe Angyal, who thanked Sabrina on MSNBC for helping women and exposing the truth: “We live in a culture that hates women.”  All because of a fraudulent reporting by Sabrina, the real victims of rape culture began to slowly float to the surface, and while their voices aren’t as loud as the leftist-regressives that they oppose, the college rape delusion has spread across the western world.



Jay Cheshire was a 17-year-old college freshmen was eventually cleared of rape after a four-week investigation.  As the investigation came to an end and all charges were dropped, he hung himself from a tree in the community park. His accuser withdrew her claim and has remained silent. Her identity is still a secret. Jay is dead.  He was a victim of rape culture…

Ben Sullivan, Oxford Union President: “Yes, I had sex with the girl who claimed I raped her. But it was consensual. That is the truth…Seeing my reputation trashed has been sobering and painful. My whole life has been rifled through and examined. It has been utterly draining.  These poisonous allegations have made me re-evaluate everything. It has been very testing. I wondered how anyone could believe something so vile. I wondered how I was going to withstand all the poison.”  Authorities cleared Sullivan of all charges and his accusers later conceded that the allegations were false.  He was a victim of rape culture…  

Duke University lacrosse players were accused of rape from what turned out to be a delusional woman who wanted to take advantage of the situation (and her lack of coherent memory). On the way to the case’s dismissal, 88 university faculty members joined protesters on campus and held up signs like “Castrate the lacrosse captains.” They were victims of rape culture…

Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at the University of Virginia was accused of requiring new pledges to gang rape freshmen girls as part of their initiation. The story first appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine, and caused a firestorm of hatred towards the men, not only in this fraternity, but any testosterone-backed organization. By the time the Columbia School of Journalism debunked the article, the national press had already polarized the entire nation, which forced the fraternity members to book hotel rooms to avoid the protesters swarming their fraternity house.  

Phi Psi President Stephen Scipione opined, “Our society tends to rush to judge without the facts. They want to blame it on someone, and obviously we were the easiest targets for that.”  In addition to the article being a farce, any and all versions of the claims against the fraternity could not be substantiated according to authorities investigating the allegations made by journalist Sabrina Erdely. They were victims of rape culture…


Consent can be taken back in some cases.  If you regret having sex with a guy in the morning, you can then withdraw your consent and then suddenly, he is a rapist…Now rape is whenever a guy doesn’t tell you the full truth about his past. – Lauren Southern of Rebel Media and former Canadian Libertarian candidate

The “GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT” reality that men face on college campuses threaten the basic principles that make America a successful Democratic Republic. And the Media doesn’t help that injustice. They don’t even wait for a grand jury before they polarize an audience between the group who cries victim and the group that hires a slew of high priced attorneys to defend against baseless allegations.  The goal of the media: sensationalize a story and push the audience to a verdict before they have time to critically think.

That’s what the media did in 1964 when the Hell’s Angels were accused of raping in gang-bang fashion a young women who as it turns out consented to the whole thing as reported by Hunter S. Thompson: The Hell’s Angels would soon be known and feared throughout the land. Their blood, booze and semen-flecked image would be familiar to readers of the New York Times, Newsweek, the Nation…Within six months small towns from coast to coast would be arming themselves at the slightest rumor of a Hell’s Angels “invasion…” They would owe most of their success to a curious rape mania that rides on the shoulder of American Journalism like some jeering, masturbating raven.  Nothing grabs an editor’s eye like a good rape.  – HST, Hell’s Angels


Little has changed since then, except high definition TV and social media.  But rape will always stoke the fire of sensationalist journalism.  And from there, it’s doesn’t take long till crying victims end up before the United Nations or a congressional sub-committee, like feminist activist Zoe Quinn, who told the United Nations: “It shouldn’t be on people like me to have to prove this. We shouldn’t have to keep fighting, when anyone can just go look at my twitter page.” Only a select few media critics can accept the risks associated with challenging this type of emotionally charged journalism for fear of being fired, dis-invited to college campuses, and blackballed from future employment. Because of this fear, many keep these actual statistics under the rug.

There is an “R” word that we need to embrace: Reality…which clearly establishes that there is no evidence to support a “rape culture” in American educational institutions, unless you are talking about the culture of young men’s lives shattered by false rape allegations.  We do not live in a society that glorifies rape.  Our society prosecutes rapists and sends them to a place where rape is a daily activity between two non-consenting males. In between, there’s certainly a sensationalist effort, but in the end America is great because accusations alone, regardless of the media, should not produce a guilty verdict without it coming from a jury of their peers.


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