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Poor Little Marco

Marco Rubio will never be able to run for president again. He proved to the world that he is incapable of being president because he doesn’t know when to quit. Failing is an important part of the process of success.  

Marco Rubio should’ve stepped out of the campaign at the beginning of 2016 – the last week of January. But instead he hunker down, dug himself a very deep foxhole with which to try and snipe assaults from the front runner Donald Trump, all while debasing Marco’s message of “uniting the party.” That certainly will not happen now. And it was probably a doomed effort from the start, even for a baby-face Cuban immigrant like Marco Rubio. But he was a dud, and he proved that in just about every public moment, especially in the debates, where New Jersey’s favorite poster child for weight watchers – the fat ass Chris Christie – called him out on the dependence on “establishment talking points.”

Marco is a junior senator, and as a junior senator, he should’ve known better than to stay in the rink too long. Introduce himself, sure that would be fine, but try and exchange punches with the likes of John Kasich, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump is silly. He would’ve been ready in about 20 years, but by the time that comes to fruition, the Republican Party might not even exist to be united.

We should all be happy to see him leave the race.  As for the establishment, who put so much hope into the junior Senator, they are left to scramble between Ted Cruz, whom they despise more than ISIS, and John Kasich, the governor of notorious swing state: OHIO.

The GOP establishment hoped that Donald would fade away, but it hasn’t happened yet…one thing is certain: THIS IS THE BEST REALITY TV WE HAVE EVER SEEN.



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