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The Luck of the Wage-Gap…a Pesky Leprechaun to Find

By Jackie Kurtz @jackiekurtz3

On a day when everyone dresses up in green, drops acid,  and chases a leprechaun for that elusive pot of gold, while celebrating the luck of a very unlucky people – full of anger and whiskey…on St. Patrick’s Day, let’s take a moment to understand a few facts about the wage gap in America. It still exists everywhere – but nowhere specific – including the White House which is occupied by a black man pretending to be the leprechaun.  The 21st century’s “progressive” leader, Barack Obama, who bombed more people to death in the first term of his presidency than the entire Bush administration, commands a White House with an 18% gender disparity. The female employees earn on average $65,000 compared to the men who earn $78,000.  During the State of Union Address, the president tried to re-kindle domestic fears about social injustice by stating:  “Today in america, a woman still earns 77 cents for every dollar a man earns for doing the same work.”  At the moment that he said it, feminists from coast to coast took up the fight against the “patriarchy.” But what are the real numbers, the one’s not aggregated into a fantasy narrative? 


American Enterprise Institute – Carpe Diem

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has said that the 77-cents number is fictitious because the figure comes from a broad calculation with no statistical control.  The reality is that these wage disparities are aggregated across several distinguishing variables, which suggests a conclusion based more in a fantasy of equal outcomes instead of a reality of equal opportunity.   But nevertheless, women believe that they deserve the same conclusion: equal pay – regardless of the job, the hours worked, and the value of capital.

77 cents

The American Enterprise Institute, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the CONSAD Research Corporation have all published studies regarding the truth about the statistics. In January 2009, CONSAD prepared a report for the US Department of Labor: “An Analysis of the Reasons for the Disparity in Wages Between Men and Women” – and the findings did not fit the narrative of systemic discrimination that the media promotes. The study concluded that “compensation of men and women are a result of a multitude of factors and that the real wage gap should not be used as the basis to justify corrective action. Indeed, there may be nothing to correct. The differences in real wages may be almost entirely the result of individual choices being made by both male and female workers.”

The 77 cents number does not consider education, experience, and personal choices regarding the type of job and the choices concerning employee scheduling.  These variables affect the earnings of everyone – men and women.  This is yet another attempt for people to force women into high paying careers in finance and business, despite the fact that very few women are interested such careers. When hours are equal, the wage gaps sits between 1-3%, not 23% like Obama claimed.  The fact that there is still a slight gap can be accounted for by an employee’s years of experience.

labor stats 2

Any woman who stands up to these false statistics – 77 cents on the dollar –  faces shame from the feminist left for not standing up for women’s rights. Of course, I already have rights and if I had wanted to compete in the banking industry, I would have a 2-1 advantage over men of equal qualifications in a pool of candidates.  But I don’t know many women who want to sit around all day masturbating to spread sheets and income statements. The new wave of feminism seeks to package young women into an image established by the regressive left.  This is simply disingenuous to all women, who are vastly different physically, mentally, and emotionally than men.  I know I am.  But I still have to watch these third-wave feminists demonize men. They blame men for outcomes that have little to do with systematic inequality and more to do with the freedom for men and women to choose their own paths in life.

If the wage difference was really that much – every company in the country would only hire women – it would mean lower labor costs.  But since it is illegal to discriminate based on gender and companies are required by law to pay men and women the same wage for the same work, the likelihood that any action to curb an imagined social injustice will only serve to expand the margin between reality and fantasy, and transform into a socialist fascism that can backfire at any moment or reach a dangerously tyrannical conclusion.


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