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Gov. Chris Christie…a Presidential Candidate Battle’s Addiction…Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery

FRANKLIN, NJ – Thirty seconds after Gov. Chris Christie, a 2016 Republican candidate for president, said in an interview on Face the Nation: “The war on drugs has been a failure,” and pledged to “not incarcerate any more people…” The Governor declared that if he were elected president, he would prosecute everyone in the marijuana industry operating within those states that have legalized the drug for both medical and recreational use. Also, he wants to “get people into treatment, and finally regard their condition as a disease,” and not a behavior that should be promoted, “like this president [Obama] has done.”

The irony, however, is that under the command of President Obama, the DEA conducted more raids in the first three years of his presidency than the entire Bush administration.
“I think people in Colorado are not too thrilled about what is happening there.” Christie said.

The question on the table right now: Where will all these defendants end up?  Since he claims that he will not incarcerate anymore people for minor drug offenses, could the governor be angling to help create a franchise of mental facilities?

He believes that marijuana use is a “disease” and a condition better suited for psychiatric rehabilitation. As Christie states, outside of The Webster House, the use of marijuana is not a “moral failure,” but a disease that only professional rehabilitation can assuage.  At this point, Christie has not stated whether or not his prosecutorial umbrella will include Peter Teal, who’s venture capital fund recently made an investment in Privateer Holdings, a marijuana venture capital firm that owns Leafly.

According to Governor Christie, the marijuana industry will be engulfed with “blood money.” Since “[it] is a gateway drug, and we have a very serious addiction problem in this country,” Christie believes that state legislatures should withdraw their legalization efforts.
Speaking of addiction, obesity claims the lives of over 300 Americans every year, with Marijuana attributing to zero deaths, the question about whether Christie will crack down on obesity remains up-in-the-air.  Christie has struggled in recent years with a sugar addiction that required him to undergo stomach surgery to remove excess weight and curb binge eating.

In a recent interview on NPR’s HERE and NOW, James DiNicolantonio, a cardiovascular research scientist at St. Luke’s Mid-America Heart Institute in Kansas City, said:
“Looking at animal studies comparing sugar to cocaine, when you get the rats hooked on cocaine, once you introduce sugar, almost all of them switch to the sugar.”

DiNicolantonio says “a certain consumption threshold must be achieved over a certain period of time in order to alter the brain’s neurochemistry. Subsequently, people experience dopamine depletion and sugar withdrawals.”

According to a paper by the National Institute of Health:
“Sugar is noteworthy as a substance that releases opioid and dopamine and thus might be expected to have addictive potential…Neural systems that evolved to motivate and reinforce foraging and food intake also underlie drug-seeking and self-administration. The fact that some of these drugs can cause addiction raises the logical possibility that some foods might also cause addiction. Many people claim that they feel compelled to eat sweet foods, similar in some ways to how an alcoholic might feel compelled to drink.”

The neurological activity during sugar consumption mimics that of cocaine, not Marijuana. Experiments on lab mice showed that mice prefer sugar over cocaine. Therefore, if Christie wants to prosecute based on the addictive potential of a substance, expect the presidential candidate to prohibit sugar consumption as well.

Chris Christie before (left) and after (right) his stomach surgery. Credit: Getty Images

Chris Christie before (left) and after (right) his stomach surgery. Credit: Getty Images

So far, the Christie presidential coalition has not released anything official regarding his stance on sugar. But, at this point, his stance on recreational and medical marijuana is clear: Immediate prohibition.

According to a survey by the Wall Street Journal, marijuana is less addictive than sugar. 49% of respondents said that tobacco was the most dangerous, with Alcohol at 24%, sugar at 15%, and 8% believing marijuana to be the most dangerous.



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