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Police Officers in McKinney, TX are Banned from Career Day

MCKINNEY, TX – With the help of smartphone videos, the McKinney Police Department is now under the racial microscope, as groups like the NAACP call for an inquiry into the department’s history, as well as Officer Casebolt, seen in the video using, what many have described as, excessive force.

What led to the 12 officers converging on an adult-supervised  pool party in a suburban neighborhood in McKinney, TX?

And what happened once the police arrived to handle a simple residential altercation?

7:15 PM…Officer Eric Casebolt  brutally wrestles a 14-year-old, bikini clad girl to the ground,  mounting the young lady, and forcing submission with two well placed knees pressed against her spine.

The officer continued his adrenaline-fueled rampage by drawing his pistol on two unarmed black children.  What was Officer Casebolt planning to do? If not for the officers that restrained Casebolt, would he have fired? Or was just meant to be some kind of scare tactic?


In light of recent events around the nation, it should be no surprise that people started running when the police arrived in force at the pool party. Black communities everywhere have lost faith that merely stopping with your hands up is good enough to prevent getting pumped full of bullets.

Officer Casebolt, a ten-year veteran of the police force, seen at the beginning of the video tripping into some kind of Hollywood tumble-move, rolling into the action like a super-cop with something to prove. Because, after all, he has been trained in Positive Assertive Control Tactics – Dynamics Threat Response (PACT – DTR), and possesses a “strong working knowledge of human behavior,” which gives him  “experience in the use of all levels of force,” according to his official McKinney police profile.

The Chief of Police had this to say:

To investigate this incident, “two officers will be assigned to our internal affairs office,” the chief said, but then refused to offer opinions about the incident, nor provide any history on the officer in question, except to say that he is now on administrative leave, pending the results from the internal investigation.  The police chief described situtations involving large crowds as “dynamic,” a term that could also describe the police chief’s memory, as he was unable to remember how long Officer Casebolt had been on the force.

Although it is far to early to speculate, there could be a situation of rampant drug use among the officers – a PCP/Meth combination that can cause blackouts and fits of rage – noting that drug induced senility has been linked to psychosis.

Many more questions will be asked throughout the week ahead, but  one thing is certain, Officer Casebolt will not be invited to career day at the local middle school anytime soon.


…You would think that in today’s camera-ready society, police might reconsider pulling guns out on unarmed children.

Many people still remember the murder of Amadou Diallo outside of his Bronx apartment in 1999.  Four plain-clothed NYPD Officers opened fire with 41 shots on the unarmed Guinea immigrant,  with only half of them  actually hitting flesh. The incident was canonized by Bruce Springsteen’s song American Skin, where Bruce asks, “Is it a gun, is it a knife, is it a wallet? This is your life…you can get killed just for living in your American skin, 41 shots…41 shots…”


Those officers, charged with second-degree murder, were all acquitted,  a story that played out again in the Big Apple with the death of another unarmed black man, Eric Garner. However,  in Baltimore, the six police officers responsible for the recent death of Freddie Grey have all been charged with murder.

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