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Match Play Begins Today at NCAA National Championships…Georgia and the Under-Dogs…Let the Fun Begin

BRADENTON, Fla – Today will be the first and second rounds of matchplay. The Georgia Bulldogs, who were the underdogs at the beginning of the week, are now set to take on the host team – The University of South Florida.

“There is one thing I know for certain,” a Georgia fan said today, “I know how good our boys are head-to-head – especially Lee – he lives for match play.”
The match should be one of the more exciting ones on the golf course tomorrow morning, as both teams have drawn some of the biggest galleries this week. Georgia, like most SEC schools have a tradition of traveling-in-force to support their programs. Even though golf doesn’t pull the drunken hoards present at football and basketball games, based on previous years, the NCAA matchplay can be electrifying, especially during the afternoon rounds.
Georgia’s lineup performed more consistent than USF, and comparing the rosters from top to bottom, Georgia will have the advantage.

“Now the fun begins,” Mookie DeMoss said after today’s round.
“It’s a different game, a different strategy on certain holes,” the USF coach, Steven Bradly, said, “There are little mind games that go along with it.”
USF has both Claudio Correa and Chase Koepka playing great golf and shouldering much of the responsibility for their match play birth.
In just a few hours, they will lead USF into a match with the Bulldogs, who play like a tight-knit collective, everyone performing at the right moments – about to enter matchplay as the three-seed…33rd in the country to 3rd in the national championship, with three elimination matches remaining to determine the 2015 NCAA Golf National Champion.
“There’s no better chemistry than ours,” Lee McCoy said, and so far, there is no reason to doubt it.

Today’s Schedule:

7 a.m. ET
Match 1 – No. 2 Vanderbilt vs. No. 7 LSU (off No. 1 tee)
Match 2 – No. 3 Georgia vs. No. 6 South Florida (off No. 10 tee)

7:50 a.m. CT
Match 3 – No. 1 Illinois vs. No. 8 UCLA (off No. 1 tee)
Match 4 – No. 4 Texas vs. No. 5 Southern California (off No. 10 tee)

1:30 p.m. Match #5 begins (winners of match #1 and #2)
2:20 p.m. Match #6 begins (winners of match #3 and #4)

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